P. 9

“Throughout Time.

       Men that that have chosen to live with Violence in their lives.

       Live their lives by a set of rules.”

                            “It’s like an unwritten Code.”

     “And its Fundamental meaning is that, they

       will stand up to Bad guys, stand by their

       Brothers and Never Ever Stand Back.”

    “Where did this Code come from...”

    “From Great Warriors and Men throughout

      History, they all lived by the Code, and added

      to it over the centuries to now.”

     “We  learn  from  these  Great  Men  these  Great

       Warriors,  and  with  it,  we  Find  Great  Men  and

       Women who work the Door.

       And the Best of these Great Men and Women We

       call The FALLEN. “

    “Those who are the Giants amongst Men and We

       shall never forget them,

       For they are the Good in Man.

       They are the Unwritten Code.”

                                         “They are the Bouncer.”

                                                                                               J.ALPHA. BSB. NZ
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